Maya Yoga Bag $49.00

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Every bag empowers indigenous women living in poverty to build a brighter future.

Our yoga bags enlighten your practice while generating high wage weaving work and empowering women living in impoverished communities. Designed by yogis for yogis with pure love stitched into every bag.

  • Innovative Around-The-Corner zipper for easy mat storing & accessing
  • Roomy interior that fits all 24 & 26” mats
  • Waterproof full-length sweat pocket for your damp clothing
  • Fully adjustable 100% cotton padded strap
  • Inside pocket for your valuables & outside end pocket for the items you need in a flash!
  • Lining made of traditional recycled Mayan textile - unique to your bag!
  • Every bag is hand signed by the women who wove it
  • Every bag has a unique QR code that connects you to your weaver

I like warm baths with gentle laundry soap just like my mum used to give me. Wash me on my own or with a color like mine, but not with hot water and definitely no bleach please!

My waterproof pocket can be wiped down with cool soapy water to keep me fresh in between washes.

Washing dryers make me dizzy so please hang me out to dry in the shade or lay me flat on a towel.

Thank you for giving me a new home – I’m excited to meet my new yoga mat friend and help you with your practice for many years to come.

Fits all 24 & 26" mats

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Hand Woven Textiles

The outer textile for this bag was hand woven, at home, using a 1000 year old indigenous artisanship technique that took one day to complete.
Every bag carries the signature of the women whose life you touched and a QR code that connects you to her story.

Innovative Design

Around the corner zipper - fit more, with ease

Waterproof pocket - for your post savasana sweats

Quality Manufacturing

We spent 12 month looking for the best and most ethical manufacture in Central America. We found them.
Our products are made to last a lifetime.

What people are saying about I AM.

A visionary business


Weaving function, style & social change.

- Treehugger

Bringing value to both producers and customers.

- Fast Company

Your yoga bag could change the world.

- Milkshake

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